Using a Blog to Generate New Leads

Blogging remains a fast and vital way to connect with your community. That means both your geographic community, (your city or area in which you operate and do business), and your professional community - the people with which you maintain business connections and relationships with.

But how can a blog help to grow your business? Three simple ways:

  • Be essential. Whether you are talking about what's in today's news, or about perennial issues relating to your business, be sure your take is a relevant and vital part of your reader's day. This doesn't mean flashy quotes, industry jargon, or controversial "hot takes." It means a calm, reasoned approach to whatever the topic may be. Your readers will come to appreciate this perspective.
  • Be brief. What can be said in a sentence isn't better explained in a paragraph. That isn't to say you must edit your ideas, but honing them into a shorter, easily digestible form will go a long way toward cultivating readership.
  • Be ubiquitous. Talk to friends, neighbors, and industry peers about helping you by sharing your blog posts. While social media is a great tool for this, don't stop there; encourage people to share via email or simply talk about your posts with friends.

Having a blog will grant you a voice that can demonstrate your abilities in your chosen field. It's a great tool, not to mention a responsibility. Use it wisely!

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