“Set it and forget it” marketing. It’s not a hands-off approach. It’s a hands-ON approach… with thousands of extra hands.

Keeping top-of-mind is essential for the growth and maintenance of a successful financial services practice. From prospect nurturing to client relationship management, a steady stream of worthwhile communication is absolutely essential. MarketingPro makes it possible for financial professionals to grow their practices without spending all of their time on marketing and communication.

  • An online library of thousands of professionally pre-written pieces.
  • Fresh content every week.
  • Built-in compliance integration (for pre-review of content).
  • Easily search for the content you need (article, email, newsletter, greeting card, etc.).
  • Send it out immediately, via email or direct mail, with just a click of your mouse.
  • Fully automated marketing.

Why MarketingPro?

Swashbucklers, monkeys, and an army of robots? All in a day's work. Click below to take a humorous look at how we're revolutionizing advisor marketing and helping Financial Professionals grow their practices with the best in marketing automation.

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Our Services

An online library of professionally pre-written content and marketing for financial professionals. Thousands of pieces: emails, articles, ongoing newsletters, and more, with fresh content added weekly, and built-in compliance review features.

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Full marketing automation. All of the content and compliance of MarketingLibrary, plus fully automated campaigns and contact management features. Customize and send emails, newsletters, greeting cards, and more, directly from the system.

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Add Social Media Automation to easily pre-schedule and automate campaigns with compliance-reviewed content across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Manage your entire social media presence in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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No time? Need help? A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a smart, affordable solution. Your “VMA” will assist you in developing and managing campaigns, uploading and sorting contacts, template customizations, monitoring, and more.

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