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NEWS: January 16, 2017

MarketingPro to Offer Unparalleled Performance Guarantee

January 16, 2017

MarketingPro to Offer Unparalleled Performance Guarantee
The Financial Industry's leading provider of content marketing automation guarantees 20% growth with their system – or your money back.

In a bold new move, MarketingPro, Inc. has announced that it will guarantee Financial Professionals who utilize the MarketingPro system will experience 20% growth in one year, or their subscription fees will be refunded.

It's a gutsy claim, but one safely anchored in real-world results. "We've heard phenomenal success stories from our subscribers over the years," explained Peter Montoya, President and Founder of MarketingPro, Inc., "they've raved about the incredible impact our content and marketing automation have had on their business. They see tremendous growth in revenue and an influx of new clients, but they also report a significant savings in time, allowing for a better work/life balance."

The achievements are real, and subscribers seem happy to share them. Clark Kendall, of Kendall Capital in Rockville, Maryland, reported that MarketingPro's automated campaigns have helped his business grow from a start-up firm with "nothing more than a phone and a desk," to an independent SEC RIA firm with over $175 million in assets under management. "I'd say our business has grown roughly 25% each year," said Kendall, "because of our use of the service."

Kendall isn't alone. Many subscribers are reaching out to the MarketingPro, Inc. staff to share their success stories, including Kristen Crouthamel, a subscriber from Panora, Iowa, who estimates that the system has helped grow her business by 15-20% annually. "I am definitely 'pro' MarketingPro," she raved, "I tell my colleagues about MarketingPro all the time. I've been using the service for seven years now."

Montoya believes there is a simple recipe for success and that Financial Professionals who follow it will see 20% growth (or more) within one year. He's so sure of it, he's offering a money-back guarantee on the system's subscription fees. "Perhaps some professionals are slow to embrace content marketing automation because they're concerned that the bang won't be worth the buck," Montoya projected, "so I cut out the risk factor. Subscribe, follow the performance guarantee guidelines, and if you don't see 20% growth over 12 months, I'll refund your subscription fees."

Is there a catch? It's minor, at best. Like any tool, it's not enough just to buy it – you have to use it in order to reap any benefit. To qualify for Montoya's performance guarantee, subscribers must follow a simple action plan. The plan itself is really an added system benefit – a 'recipe for success,' if you will – a guideline to help utilize the system to its best advantage, for maximum results.

"We absolutely stand by our service," stated Tom Johnson, Director of Marketing for MarketingPro, Inc, "it's a powerful tool, and we know it works. We've seen it. So why not guarantee it?"

About MarketingPro: MarketingPro, Inc. provides content and marketing automation solutions for the Financial Services Industry, supported by Broker/Dealers Nationwide. To learn more about MarketingPro and the new MarketingPro Performance Guarantee, please visit

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