MarketingPro Announces Game-Changing Integration with RedTail CRM

November 18, 2016

MarketingPro Announces Game-Changing Integration with RedTail CRM
Two of the Financial Industry's most sought-after and cost-effective technology solutions now work hand-in-hand like never before.

In a move that is sure to excite tech-minded Financial Professionals everywhere, MarketingPro, Inc., the pioneer of marketing content, innovation, and automation for the financial industry, has announced new two-way integration and enhanced synchronization with Redtail Technology's highly-utilized and intuitive CRM package.

"With these new enhancements, when a MarketingPro subscriber makes notes within a client's record, or sends correspondence to that client, that activity is recorded to the client's record within Redtail's CRM," noted Janet Kerkow, Relationship Manager at MarketingPro, Inc.

Integration enhancements include:

  • For each communication sent from MarketingPro, a note is posted to Redtail.
  • A link to the original MarketingPro communication is provided within Redtail notes.
  • For each subscriber-created contact note within MarketingPro, a note is posted to Redtail.
  • Contact 'tags' within Redtail now sync with MarketingPro campaign member lists to ensure campaigns have the latest contact records.
  • Improves efficiency by reducing the use of multiple interfaces and reporting sources.

Having Redtail's 'tags' sync directly into campaign member lists within MarketingPro represents a significant upgrade – one which should be greatly beneficial to subscribers. A new client entered into Redtail and tagged as an "A Client", for example, would be automatically incorporated into the "A Clients" group within MarketingPro – ensuring that they will be automatically added to any pre-built contact campaigns designated for "A Clients". In other words, they will begin receiving marketing and communications designated for "A Clients" automatically, with no additional steps.

"We're excited to provide this integration, which amounts to a major upgrade for our subscribers," said Jennifer French, Vice President of Key Accounts for MarketingPro, Inc. "It will be a tremendous time saver, and the synchronization between platforms will provide subscribers with more accurate record keeping."

About MarketingPro: MarketingPro, Inc. is the leader in marketing automation for Financial Professionals, providing solutions that save time and increase client satisfaction. The MarketingLibrary service provides online library of thousands of professionally written marketing materials (newsletters, financial articles, client letters, invitations, social media posts and more) that seamlessly connects with compliance for pre-review and/or approval. The flagship MarketingPro service provides all of MarketingLibrary, as well as automated campaigns, email, direct mail, personal handwriting fonts, custom templates and letterhead, social media tools, and even a built-in contact management feature. Visit https://Marketing.Pro.

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