Value for Value – Generating Leads in the Age of Reluctance

When seeking to expand your business, the name of the game is LEAD GENERATION. But these days prospects are becoming increasingly disinclined to share their information – and with good reason. From SPAM to 'phishing' schemes, inboxes are constantly bombarded with unwanted content and clutter.

So how does one go about generating new leads at a time when so many are holding their contact information close to the vest?

New contacts have an obvious value to you, so offering them something of value in return only makes sense. After all, if you're going to ask for such prized information, you need to give them a compelling reason to share it. Studies have shown that giveaways – eBooks or eGuides in particular – yield a nearly 11% conversion rate.*

Don't, however, mistake a free digital 'eBook' with the Great American Novel. An electronic book can be shorter than a dozen pages, provided you've packed it with good information that prospects want and can use. "eGuide" is a helpful term that will keep people from picturing an oversized, Stephen King-like tome, and set their expectations for a shorter, handbook-like piece with an emphasis on information.

Not only are eGuides a powerful lead generation tool, they're also incredibly cost effective. After all, they're disseminated digitally. There is no postage or paper involved.

MarketingPro offers FINRA-Reviewed eGuides on a variety of topics, and they're packaged with the tools you need to promote them (graphics, social media text, cover letter/email, promotional video, and even a user guide.) You can learn more about these valuable eGuide lead generation packages here:


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