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KNOWLEDGE: May 16, 2017

Peter Montoya discusses three core practices for Relationship Marketing in his latest blog.

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Brand, Connect, Nurture.

Establishing and cultivating successful relationships is key to making your time absolutely productive and creating a network of valuable, long-lasting clients. These three, simple steps will help you along the way...

  • Brand: You're mingling at a mixer, being introduced to a new prospect, or meeting the relative of an established client. Not all of these people will be signing a contract with you, but that's no reason to be a wallflower. Make sure everyone you meet learns your name, and what you do - the specific services you offer. Cultivating relationships means showing each person what value you can bring to their life. Remember to maintain a positive and professional attitude. Establish yourself as someone with whom they might want to do business.
  • Connect: This is easier than ever with social media. The Internet era allows you to potentially connect with new people that you haven't yet met in person. Building a contact list is like writing a book: if you write a page a day, in a year you'll have a first draft. So if you add a contact every day, you will emerge a year later with a robust list of contacts.
  • Nurture: You haven't done all of this work to rest on your laurels! It's important to maintain the relationships you've built. Sort contacts into groups based on needs and interests, then send a continual stream of focused content to each group throughout the year. It's a big job, and one that (hopefully) increases over time. Utilize technology to lighten the load. A marketing automation tool like www.Marketing.Pro can help you easily organize and manage your contacts, and automate ongoing campaigns (cards, letters, newsletters, and emails). There's also a US-based support team to help walk you through the process.

With these three steps, you can work toward building relationships that will help your business thrive and grow. Learn the steps and make the effort.

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