MarketingPro VMA

Dedicated assistance. Helpful guidance. Campaign management.

Hiring even an entry level Marketing Assistant could cost you $40,000 per year, but with Virtual Marketing Assistant from MarketingPro, hiring a seasoned, experienced Marketing Assistant could cost just $350 per month (or less)!

What can your “VMA” do for you?

  • Upload your current database of contacts
  • Add individual contacts
  • Customize messages
  • Send greeting cards, emails, notes
  • Add phone and meeting notes to client records
  • Send one-time or ongoing campaigns
  • Customize email templates and newsletter postcard templates
  • Provide support and training on the system
  • Send out invitations and email/mail confirmations for client events
  • And more. Much more!
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube