MarketingPro VMA

Dedicated assistance. Helpful guidance. Campaign management.

Hiring even an entry level Marketing Assistant could cost you $40,000 per year, but with Virtual Marketing Assistant from MarketingPro, hiring a seasoned, experienced Marketing Assistant could cost just $350 per month (or less)!

What can your “VMA” do for you?

  • Upload your current database of contacts
  • Add individual contacts
  • Customize messages
  • Send greeting cards, emails, notes
  • Add phone and meeting notes to client records
  • Send one-time or ongoing campaigns
  • Customize email templates and newsletter postcard templates
  • Provide support and training on the system
  • Send out invitations and email/mail confirmations for client events
  • And more. Much more!

An incredibly affordable solution.

Whether you’re technologically challenged, don't have the time to learn a new online system, or are simply too busy, a Virtual Marketing Assistant from MarketingPro, Inc. offers a smart, affordable solution.

Simply reach out to your dedicated "VMA" with your marketing instructions or client communication needs. They’ll execute your requests using the wealth of resources and solutions within the MarketingPRO system.

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